Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Job = Bugaboo Adventures!

I have wanted this job for several years, and now it's finally mine!  I am the Alpine Club of Canada's newest employee, and caretaker of the FAMOUS Conrad Kain Hut in the Bugaboos.  This is truly a world class climbing destination, with granite spires coming out of the glacier's wazoo.  

Take a look at the ACC's website where you can find more information on the hut:

I have been falling asleep with the Bugaboos guidebook in my hands, dreaming of all the epic adventures to come.  This seems like the perfect opportunity to advance my climbing, while still having time to write the last few pages of my thesis.

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  1. Many congrats Lisa:

    Few years ago I spent a week at Kain Hut (It was pouring rain pretty much the whole time...). Such an amazing place! Wish you luck! and maybe see you there sometime...