Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Skiing in Rogers Pass

I drove out to Canmore Thursday night with Dan Robb & Gerry Heacock, and had a nice cushy sleep at Dan's place. The next morning we drove up to Rogers Pass, and the boys got a full day in up at Balu Pass. For the next 2 nights we stayed at the Glacier Park Lodge in Rogers Pass, which, let me tell you, sounds much fancier than it is. I woke up to 20 cm of fresh snow at the pass, and another 20 cm up in the alpine- I was stoked! We started out along Connaught Creek right behind the Lodge, and then began our real ascent through the Hospital trees, passed below the Bruin's Bowl, and up along the super aesthetic Bruin's Ridge. Here I am on the switchbacks heading up the first part of Bruin's Ridge, looking over at Ursus (with a nice fracture line across it).
Skiing up this ridge was almost as fun as the ski down, as there are great views on either side, and the exposure was thrilling. Here is a picture of Dan & Gerry on the ridge. The col to the left of them is the start of the 8812 Bowl descent.
The descent down 8812 was 1200m, and every bit of it was perfect. Ski penetration was 40 cm deep (enough to give the tele boys some face shots!) and the afternoon sun was shining. Here is Gerry cresting the first roll on the slope. On the right is Balu Pass.
Here I am just below the Balu Pass pitch, with the 8812 bowl behind me- so awesome.

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