Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Itch

The past week and a half have been so uneventful I think I might just be going a little nuts! Thoughts of skiing and climbing are consuming me as I sit here in my office, writing and reading away. Last night was the Trip Planner's Meeting for the ACC, and although I was getting excited about all the trips we are running this summer, I was annoyed that I hadn't been out climbing yet, and that it wasn't the weekend yet so I couldn't go skiing either! My friend Brace Lee who has been living the "ski bum" lifestyle down in Rossland this past winter just posted photos of him climbing last week- ggrrrrrr! If I wasn't jealous enough. I am definitely looking forward to the Sunshine-Mt. Shark Traverse this weekend.

Okay, I will stop complaining and get back to work so eventually I can finish my thesis, and then ski and climb my brains (muscles?) out.

Sometimes, climbing in the city helps ease the pain.

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