Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kaua'i, Hawai'i

A week in paradise. Bringing in 2010 with sunshine, surfing, and smiles.

My trip began with the usual lost luggage and stress, but the moment we arrived at our ocean view casa- all worries and stresses were long gone. We spent our days lazily strolling along different beaches, snorkeling, hiking the Na Pali coast and Phea Trail in the Waiamea Canyon, etc. The beaches were something only dreams are made of, and the fish were more colourful than the ones in Finding Nemo.

The Na Pali Coast trail, 22 miles roundtrip with no road access. This picture is looking down at Hanakapai'ai' Beach which has wicked tides that kill many tourists each year.

After a glorious day sailing along the coast with dolphins and whales swimming along side us, we went for a hike up on the top of Waiamea Canyon, on the Phea Trail. The earth was so red here, and it is incredibly different than the lush, jungle like North Shore we were at before. Both equally and indescribably beautiful.

Waiamea Canyon.

We finished the trip off with some surfing in Hanalei Bay. The days were long and each one more incredible than the next.

Ian & his papa heading out for another session.

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