Friday, March 5, 2010

Running the Skyline Trail

This video is from a while back, but my little sister who did this with me is as far away as she possibly could be and I miss her! So, I thought I would share this video with you. We ran the Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park (yes, I know we're crazy), which starts at Maligne Lake (which is a great paddle by the way!). Sweet footage shot by our personal videographer... the one and only Ewen Clark!


  1. ahhh I want to do this!! good job ladies and l'ewen

  2. Amazing video Lisa! Very inspiring! I'm doing the hike (and I will hike, not run - I'm nowhere near that cool) on June 30. I'm doing it to raise money for CPAWS. Check out my blog at for more details. Cheers, Jason Murphy

  3. Hi Jason,
    Wow, I think doing something like this to raise money for CPAWS is WAY cooler than what we did! Congratulations, and if you ever need a partner for you next adventure here in the Rockies, give me a shout. I think your cause is truly inspiring, you should run with it!